Located in the Ratchada district on Thiam Ruammitr Road, a future hub of business and transportation, with impressive projects rising around the neighborhood.

      4 towers with total 1,337 carefully crafted units, range from 28 -78 sq.m., enjoy over 6,000 sq.m. public facilities equipped with cutting edge technologies that some is first seen in Thailand, building up a whole new smart community.

      Within the mixed-use development, over 6,000 sq.m. retail space encompasses variety of stores including restaurants, shops, market, and other services that the residents can easily access to and enjoy.

Project Detail

Developer :      BGY & TFD Properties Company Limited
Project Area :  Approx. 8.3 rai (13,500 sq.m.)
                    GFA Approx. 121,000 sq.m
Concept :        Mixed-use development
Floors :           Total 4 towers with 34 levels each
Residences :    Total 1,337 units
Retail :           3-story retail space (Approx. 6,000 sq.m.)
Parking :         823 units (62%)
Tenure :          Freehold
Schedule :       Construction commencement Q4 2017
                    Sales Gallery opening Q1 2018
                    Estimated complete Q1 2020


Comercail Center

   Within the mixed-use development, a 3-story retail center with over 6,000 sq.m. space encompasses variety of stores including restaurants, shops, supermarket, convenience stores and many other services that the residents can easily access to and enjoy.

Legendary Services

   With 26-years’ experience in classic property management, our proper ty management company will providing our residents with 24-hours exclusive services and security.

Smart Innovation

    High technology application integrated into the project, with some first seen technology in Thailand, making a difference in the way people lives, br inging safety and convenience into your daily life.



Floor Plan


Contact Us

Tel. 081-912-8883 

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